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We Are The Best Madurai Eco Tourism & south Indian Package Tourism Thanjavur Welcome to the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu! Thanjavur is just as popular for its temples, arts and handicrafts as it is known for its paintings and rich history. Believed to have been named after an asura (or a demon) Tanjan who was killed by Vishnu, Thanjavur shot into prominence as the capital of the mighty Cholas between the 11th and 14th century when they constructed several temples and developed it as an important center of art and culture. Though it ceased to be the capital after the end of Chola rule, Thanjavur remained an important city. It became a capital again under the Marathas. Remnants of Thanjavur’s historic past can be seen in its grand buildings. Visit the 11th century Brahadeeswarar temple that is the city’s main attraction or drop by at the Thanjavur Royal Palace, Saraswathi Mahal library and the Vijaynagara fort. Each of these buildings speak eloquently of the city’s past. If this list of amazing places in South India doesn’t make you want to pack your bags and leave, we don’t know what will. Madurai Ecotourism Contact Number : +91 (04524355253 , 04522607477) ,
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